Seemanta Chetana Mancha Purvottar is a registered socio-cultural and non-political organization working for the noble cause of promoting safety, security and overall development of the international border areas of North Eastern region of our Motherland Bharat, which was formed on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami on 13th April, 2008 in Assam. Since then ‘Seemanta Chetana Mancha Purvottar’ is in service at the border areas of Northeastern Region of India. The organization is committed to nation building process, primarily including and involving the people from the international border areas of the Northeastern Region of the country. Our platform maintains that the international border areas of our county are to be kept safe and secured for the highest order of peace, amity and development among its citizens. Our organization is deeply committed to the ideology of Seema Jagran Manch, which was formed to cater the needs of the people residing in the international border of our nation and promote the message of preserving unity and integrity among these citizens, regardless if their caste, creed, language, religion and societal status. It may be noted that the aftermaths of the Partition of 1947, where our country had to experience the bitter consequences of riots, mass causalities and a colossal wave of migration paved a way to form Seema Jagran Manch on the auspicious day of Ram Navami on 31st March, 1985 in the city of Jodhpur.


  • To work towards attainment of the organization’s ‘vision’ by promoting patriotism and nationalism among the people of our country in general and the international border areas in particular through organizing various plans, programmes, meetings, seminars, symposiums, exhibitions, activities, sponsorships, village-meetings charities , services, etc., with “Vyakti Nirman to Rashtra Nirman” and work in an integrated way with the Security Agencies, Government Administrations and the society for border security, national security, self reliance, all round development and unity among the people of our great motherland Bharat.


  • To promote patriotism among the people of our country in general and those living in the International Border areas in particular; to organize and integrate the society at the Borders with the mainland to stand together as wakeful sentinels to our Motherland Bharat.
  • To contribute towards social, cultural, educational, intellectual, socioeconomic development and physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the people living in the International border areas and to eradicate social differences by encouraging development of the villages through promotion of unity, amity and brotherhood.
  • To strive for eradication of ill customary practices like untouchability, superstitious beliefs and any other social evils present in the society through spreading awareness by means of meetings, exhibitions, seminars symposiums, trainings, etc from time to time.
  • To facilitate and establish educational facilities such as schools, hostels, etc for students -of underprivileged and weaker sections of the society and also to set up libraries and facilities for circulation and communication of national and International news-media for the benefit of the society at large.
  • To create and spread awareness about all the programmes, facilities, grants, schemes, etc, , declared by the State and the Central Governments for the benefits of the people living in the International Border areas.
  • To provide training for skill enhancement and development to augment livelihood generation mechanisms to economically empower and establish self – reliance among the people living in the International border areas.